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is well to fix attention on these doctrines for observation has con

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for upwards of twenty days before admission in one of them

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imagination may suggest and what the nature of the changes

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about the teeth but inasmuch as he has to cope with

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instruction tinally improved. When the College of St.

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moval of all secretion by the combined use of iJie aural

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at the present time is interesting more than ever before thos

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female must not be bred to a male widely different from herself. Good

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the Salernian alumni and professors from all taxes duties

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surface involved so emaciated the patient so exhausted by

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tion of this in several instances is instructive not only as

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about the last of December. We specially desire that

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young and valuable horses. In the early stages the same treatment pr

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alternate pulsations being very feeble are not propagated to

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and then dispatched with a blow in the forehead. I under

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cases classed under the head Christians in the hospital returns

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respiratory sounds which is difficult to describe and can only

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Bombay because haemorrhage from the bowels is more common in

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Keeping pace with the States a number of enterprising Canadians

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gtate of intoxication. He was affected with vomiting and complained much of pain

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because in the few instances of which post mortem appearances

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fessor of Anatomy Surgery and Obstetrics a busy prac

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the portio dura of the affected side remains intact.

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singular at what an early date the suggestion at least of this

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of the lost one. It consists rather of a fibrous tissue inter

5 htp 300 mg

unfit for function and no longer exercise it then blood letting can

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able in quantity and took place very shortly before death. A cavity

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enormously multiplied may be seen from the fact that th

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colour though there was no intermixture of blood and vitiated mucus. No ptyalism.

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distinctly in view that whilst the treatment by ipecacuanha is

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Bombay deaths from tetanus which is in the ratio of per

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able of reproducing itself i erfectly unchanged and without deterioration

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