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bacteria are different and distinct varieties of the protophytes

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filled with blood and will become varicose so that the shanks will be

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universally admitted to be erroneous K.I o frary which are now

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common practice o have horses examined for soundness by experts but

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ful drugs sixty grains of gamboge and from two to three

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hiVh it is embedded when a perfect tapeworm developes in the mtestmes

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To consider this symptom from another point of view pain

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not afford to pay the physician for his advice and then pay the

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eases of joints were treated by injections of the solution of iodol

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ture of over F. The tyrothrix flliformis can live in milk

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emaciated crude tubercles interspersed through the substance of both lungs. Eather

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and resist abuse. It is abuse generally speaking that makes a liorsc

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The character of the sputa The rusty adhesive sputa charac

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coccus the cancer cell the microscopic fungus the living para

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mining the precise pathological condition and consequently the

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IV. Classification with reference to age. The ages were as

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and its ready detection by the microscope in the evacuations

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mittent fever in asthenic individuals there is not unfrequently as

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The past month which I have spent so pleasantly in New

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mucous membrane. While on the other hand in those in which

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working powers the Dev have no superiorn among.attle.

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which means tliat so far as possible nothing not absolutely

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the Practitioner the best of all recommendations a sub

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November suJTering from glaucomatic inflammation of

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in the Eurojjean General Hospital at Bombay for the Five Years from

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the whole animal must be harmonious each part assisting the others

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and was by him created a baron. He was the author of a

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generation as an actual new creation and was tlie first to

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