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Copper Sulphate is a corrosive irritant poison bringing on gastro


ulcers or those of visible mucous membranes local applications are


In occasional instances dejections during the collapse are of

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length medium since extremes are to be avoided bone fine and corapaci

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and supposed the nerves to originate in the heart. Rnfus

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on asphyxia vesicular emphysema and other pathological states of

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way it is impossible to starve germs if the expression is per

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chemical formula is do Ifu NOy its formal name is hydrate of

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cient attention. Virchow was a former pupil of Joliannes

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an adynamic type of the disease in seamen of scorbutic taint

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septic or a disinfectant efficient it is proper to consider the

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was admitted into hospital on the th June ten days after the commencement

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six months from June to November is well shown it is

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ranged. The first indication is to be met by sinapisms or tur

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of treatment not only are the protraction of the disease and the

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in the employ of one house for sixteen years and during that

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the lungs or pleura and were with one exception cases of pericar

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or blood or a foreign body introduced with the catheter.

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symptoms and the character of the diathesis. Though local blood

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to pull off one of these cotyledons or the resulting hemorrhage might

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with blue r biwn flocks. The engraving is a faithful represeutut.ou of

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order of the senate of the faculty stamped upon the breast

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dermatology and developed a classification based upon the

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headache was lessened the pulse and the tongue not so tremulous. He was

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was imperfect but from the hepatic enlargement the fever and

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The body was examined after death and Dr. Johnson found

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upon herself to introduce the tube into the larynx

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an inflammatory action the same as we see in the repair of a

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and neutral varying in specific gravity from to. In

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bable sequence of fulness of the portal vein than of the hepatic

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tion of the liver consequent on obstructed passage of the blood

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spicuous is the muscle lyoideus. It is attached to the hyoid bono of

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The Intermediate Term begins the first Monday in May and

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fication that a greater degree of alvine excretion is physiological

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in France by Guerin. Ojrerations on nerves were studied

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Of this lesion eight cases have come under my observation .

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mucous membrane of the large intestine Is it idiopathic or

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heart J has also been much insisted on. Not only has valvular

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cussed in the Bengal reports but as respects the island of Bombay

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heavy Devon and a light Hereford. Their white faces may probably be

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is clear and the constitution suitable it may be expedient to have

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yellowish brown precipitate was thrown down. He continued under treatment till the

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fatal the animal dying from shock to the nervous system hemor hago

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fined to the motor nerves especially to those of the muscles of

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these influences the dyspeptic symptoms and their associated

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criticised tliose who adopted them too servilely. Of him

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the abscess was lined with irregular thick lymph and the surrounding parenchyma

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names of syphilis chancroid and gonorrlicea a confusion

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laria of a previous season are still sthenic perhaps intemperate

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usual observation that in pericarditis associated with rheumatism

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this result of inflammation and frequently cause it are certainly

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one of the many questions which pathology has yet to determine.

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and rolled badly nearly all the passengers were sick. I thought

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being equal his experiments may not be counted for nothing

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is good reason to think that the Pacific slope will be colonized

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l uTnal destined to first accomplish the des.v. d feat was a

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President of the Westchester Coanty Society N. Y. had an

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has not yet developed large cavities with aneurisms of the

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continues until May. During that period all the rainfall of.the

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ence upon hereditary traits. These things seem to bo far better appre

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are often given with great advantage and as a rule of practice in

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cold or fatigue or both combined the most grave disturbances

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fact I am unable to explain. In respect to the treatment of the

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to prevent effluvia from entering the hay loft. The ventilating tube may

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num as required in operations upon the pancreas is not

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persisted notwithstanding well developed mercurial influence.

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respiratory movement than does the air w breathe and if

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as Dr. Hope on the improbable idea that lymph may be effused

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diflference between the mean temperature of the hot and cold

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Los Angeles c. Special meetings may be called at any time

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