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    ings. The plates or chain if used are kept constantly applied.

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    was complete. The only reasons he was kept in the hos

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    appearance. The liver was deeply reddened due to engorgement of the

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    tion shows them to consist of large numbers of longitudinal fibres containing

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    Nor is this all. To and from the same spinal centre a part

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    of cases will rupture within the first two months of pregnancy

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    as litter for cattle. Ferns are termed Filices from

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    to address your Senator and member of the House of Represen

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    all his life. He was born July at Bethel N. C the son

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    and the divided malar bone as represented in figure the

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    SCAN This parasagittal view near the midline clearly

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    the eai or after catarrhal conditions of the posterior

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    In the course of two years swelling of the neck made

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    somewhat incredulous and inclined to believe that the patients had

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    disapprove of institutions in which all branches of veterinary education

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    or three coughing fits and complained of phlegm which she

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    the anxiety and suffocation which accompanied the paroxysms of

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    part with the butyr of antimony. After cases of bad

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    soning and which have been supposed to be due to an

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    the patient was confident that all these symptoms had

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    are bound together for the long journey and any particular

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    disturbed or annulled. In the of functions of intracranial

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    the potassium citrate is converted in the system into potassium car

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    London two cases in which he had removed gall stones from the ductus

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    stroy life and sanative medicines have a tendency to assist

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    increased rapidity of the pulse. Obliteration of hepatic dullness is rarely

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    being frequently present in both forms of the disease. As a result

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    any subject is caught below par nature can no longer resist the

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    tion by bringing into the wound wholesome blood fluids

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    neys are diseased or have been in any way rendered functionaUy

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    faculty after faculfy and function after function puts forth pathology.

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    said to be slightly the more favourable but not more so than was

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    effusion excites peritonitis TufRer. On the other hand when life has

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    below that point is kept in a state of inflammation and

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    teaching. The arrangements existing in the medical school

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    Lage in eine schr ge mit dem Gehirn divergierende bergehen. Dem

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    cates even in a qualified way such measures as acupuncture

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    made by adding one pound of copperas to two gallons of water

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    vocates as being of. more or less value in preventing the

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    soda sulphate of zinc and nitrate of silver. It was more than thirty

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    septum from syphilis was the injection of paraffin which on account

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