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of the lung distinctly took precedence of the usual indications of

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quietness and repose. These means do not abstract any of the

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tive conclusions being drawn. We well know that the prognosis

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the sunshine of the tropics for such we must either seek the

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mucus membrane of either the cervix or body of the uterus.


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sloughy ulceration which extended to the puncture. The diarrhoea continued. He

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high coloured urine indicate excess of blood in the kidney then

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But chemistry has detected urea in excess in the blood in

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Medical Boards have evinced a laudable desire to advance these objects but the

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and pathological specimens. Among his listeners are noted

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sition of chlorate of potash by heat furnishes perhaps the

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same kind of capillaries are concerned when the inflammation is

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lessen the inhibitory effect of the irritation of splanchnic plex

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little foundation there is for such a doctrine but for a

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The Medical College of the University of the city of New

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European Greneral Hospital and in in the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy

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vided this be at least three hours before the expected paroxysm

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quite surprising and go to show that while the pancreas is one

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expedients by physicians there seems to bo a growing dis.sition to

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that syphilis had an American origin in which view he

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tongue becomes drier and tremulous tremor of the hands in

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power of i ainine. Cod Liver Oil the Bromides and the Iodides.

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commercial rival nearer than San Francisco which is as far as

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overcome next that of the leg then the muscles of the face

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the pulse begins to increase in frequency rising above and

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the intestinal surface. But risk from the use of purgatives in

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