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owing to the suffering caused by its use. No ill effects followed ; the

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N. B. CM \i:ir: iL Vi.V, Sit. 9 -(chool Ht. Kenton, m-iiiiifictiires Philosophical, Aslrononical, Pne«-

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fever connected directly with the disease, excepting

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show a disproportionate increase in deaths from apo-

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undergraduate days in its social and political life.

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paper there were many cases in which asthma existed,

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hand, transportation of the acarus has always excited the erup-

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Dec. 26tli. It is noted that there is no faradic reaction in the anterior tibials

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viving this type of pneumonia, the following case from the first out-

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emphasized the fact that the vessels in the two arms tend to act

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for leechdoms, and this is produced first in the land

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sion of drainage, probably, was the cause of peritonitis

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and others, was held in Philadelphia, June 12th, for the

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which a pint of dark matter was ejected which smelled strongly of lauda- •

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tiles or stone, sometimes earth, and sometimes nothing at

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as is well known, may become bullous. Again, there are persons on

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means of his ribs only. So that upon inspection of the abdomen,

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if the finer tubes are invaded, tartar emetic in sufficient quantity to

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contra-indication to the operation. About six months before,

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ago. There was no other known source from which the

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rior and posterior post-auricular region instead of car-

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developed ; and the suffering and danger increase as the dilatation pro-

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Pathological Anatomy. — When endocarditis attacks mitral

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when these crystals often are present in paragonomiasis sputum and in the pus

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and it can be felt on the anterior surface of this muscle. When found,

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calves a year, and he had found only one case of tuberculosis

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after centrifugation. Cytologic examination showed red blood-cor-

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tained at this temperature with but slight attention.

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