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upon a boy with matter from tlie hand of a maid who had

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inert by the boiling to which they are subjected during man

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property could be taken advantage of for work about the

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raised and if the nostrils are also closed the u per part of

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Chlorosis manifests itself more frequently in summer than in

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treated more as an effect than a disease. A result not a cause.

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plied to eveiry case. As in any other surgical operation some

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tution. When health has been injured by remittent fever and

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would appear to present itself in the early stages before the advent

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later to Queen Mary. Linacre was the first Englishman

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example of the influence of vapors exerted on the terminal fila


that they had been poisoned. Under these circnrastauces

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necessity hence arising for freer channels for the return of an

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Asthma. The following is the only instance of this complica

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and returned into tlie abdominal cavity enlarging the

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more protracted course in fatal cases would result if depressing

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WELLS RICHARDSON A CO. S LACTATED FOOD is deficient in the proportion of

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the prairies the teeth wear slowly. Horses kept in the stable have less

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lead or sulphate of copper or any other astringent which may

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physiological effects of calomel on the gastro intestinal mucous

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or tinged with blood passed unmixed in small quantity and with

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hence I have prepared for you the following report

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of Dr. Terrier before the Socifetife de Chirurgie were very en

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fighting a duel. There were some indistinct suggestions of a

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Lime chloride o. Cliecks tympany disinfectant. Horse drachms

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sprin pigs were concerned allowing plenty of skimmed milk and butfr

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describes several pathological specimens in his possession in

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sary to prevent misapprehension. The first species probably includes cases that now

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Extirpation T w complete removal of a part by means of the knife.

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patient. It always however depends also more or less and

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plauation of gout was famous. That disorder lie said J

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the heart and uterus bear to the disease in question T This

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The caput coecum and ascending colon were distended hard and thickened. The

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the lungs were found more or less congested after death in five

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a finer study of fundamental principles upon which the

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Naegeli relegated them. The correctness of tins conclusioa

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inspection and the indications for treatment are sufficiently

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rule absolute. In the advanced stages there is little to be done

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wash containing say one dram of tr. of iodine or one halt

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troublesome there was occasional hectic fever the expectoration became more copious

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but the difficulties of the operation the trouble of overcoming

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are often given with great advantage and as a rule of practice in

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entire contents will run out when necessary. The chutes for grain should

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On these views I shall simply observe that if we acknowledge

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season. Southern California like every other country has

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whjr Morton wished to make it and being told the reason

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many points of difference between Southern California and the

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