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Tartar emetic. We have found that in these cases there was

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Lob Angeles County Medical Society Dr. H. R Lathrop in

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applying this principle of treatment it should be remembered that

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bellutn gave rise to nerves of motion the pulsation of tlio

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Amos E. Baldwin San Mateo Chicago Medical College HI.

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end of the ileum ascending transverse descending colon and rectum presented a

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Affection Disease or disease of some particular part.

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and therefore recurrences of this stage are not unfrequently attended

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lameness disappear when the horse can be shod and go

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society any infraction of these rules was punishable by

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the manner of death caused by ether and that caused by chlo

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is of good quality. Plain but substantial food well cooked should be

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tible and the respiration begins to be hurried and anxious. This

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bowel in the morbid action. There has been much obscurity in

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take place in accordance with that protective law which has in

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life if not a positive cure may be prognosticated. In these

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tiful ease with which Simpson refuted this childish

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