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    or seamen and others out of employment who have been lodging

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    All Devons arc noted for their round full clear eyes the golden eire.let

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    under the impression that such cases were invariably acute but further experience

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    sible in every case of pneumonia is counter irritation over the

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    thousand feet elevation where the air is extremely pure and

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    the patient to whom tliey may he administered in doses

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    Instead of keeping secret his inventions as was the

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    by the Oxfordshire Agricultural Society was awarded to this heifer L W

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    common being simple soreness or inflammation of the conjunctiva lining

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    extending to the right hypochondrium and affected by deep inspiration and decubitus

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    nation of inflammatory from degenerative softening a more precise knowledge of the

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    fcront kind from the other. The breeder for.c or utilitv I

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    lungs. In three there was disease of the mitral valve and the

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    always keen and bright for surgical purposes some rounded and others

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    relief of pain during surgical o wrations. Wells being

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    irregular teeth that is teeth some of which are longer than others will

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    vomiting as one of the deranged actions of the febrile state and

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    capillary circulation is concerned are suspended during the stage of

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    We see the result after two centuries have worked their will

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    the thirty one cases eighteen proved fatal in hospital and two in

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    of the attack is on the whole correct. Yet exceptional cases are

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    Much ingenuity can bo displayed in nursing a sick animal. In order to

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    missions are pretty equally distributed throughout the year. The

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    teeth of cows of ages known to correspond therewith may casilv

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    clavicular intercostal hypochondraic spaces sternum and

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    treated by him ran about the same course. Case Miss K.

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    The only investigations which I have made on the variation of

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    legs entirely bare sometimes. There is usually more or less J

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    short standing wide apart in sowlb. f b small and very

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    other in the twenty four hours a febrile exacerbation takes place

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    recommend a careful perusal of the article on leprosy that

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    blisters are applicable to a greater variety of circumstances to

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    flammation This IS best done by continuous applications of hot walor

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