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He did not limit himself to dissection of his own cases

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much overlooked and our knowledge of the etiology of the dif

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thesis of general hepatitis but as the inflammation is commonly

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follows The Afst mention of this operation is recorded in

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depends on the influence of malaria pre existing in the constitution

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water uto the rectum and by cold cIofhTl J J tions of cold

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of which the etiology is uncertain though it probably depends

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This description of the symptoms of ordinary remittent fever

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about three degrees higher and in consequence of its more inland

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into the clinical ward on the th August. There was incomplete hemiplegia of

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especially the frontal sinuses situated between the

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disorders are more rapid in their progress and more dangerous

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ness bleed them in the prominent vein which separates the claw. Geese

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And when a parallel is onoriV dTf. hich the animal travels

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bation. Such however does not appear to have been the case.

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Recent renewed interest in Esmarch s method justifies on

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especially in small abscesses than is at present supposed and that

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lobes of the right were redder than natural somewhat indurated and gave out

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on this subject although Bamberger and Rokitansky primarily

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and anaesthesia of more than the lower half of the body with

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cases also through the same nervous channel by an influence un

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at night and extends up to the neck. On examination of the

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cutting iustrimients. Indeed as was remarked half a

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The training of the Pointer and Setter is identical. They are quick to

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In eleven of the cases the solidified lung was in a state of

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time very common. After being inserted they were held

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foiolcgs. around tho eyes on the bo lv in fl i ons

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The artificial dentures made for George Washington were

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lowed to cut. Indeed were we to select between the two opera

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means which shall remove these agencies if not destroy

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containing fat. The peritoneum and transversalis fascia are

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