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of faith. In these efforts the industrious Moors were

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we have found little proof in a particular field of practice of

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I have read on the subject and have had no chance to judge

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and that by men who were esteemed the peers of any one

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organ. Admitting however the frequency of this appearance

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sarily be on a smaller scale than those at Malcolm Pait. Consider

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ure She is longer than cither the drones or workers her wmgs are

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of the same gave no evidence of pus Emaciation increased

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tice should be without it. There are many valuable new illus

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fiuger length quotation from the Revista Medico Quirurgica

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corresponding improvement in the physical signs. The dulness

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deformity is repulsive in its nature and its influence on the

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This Institution is situated on the hills overlooking the citjr of

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