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slowness of pulse in some of which the condition had

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ease. If the statements of David as contained in the


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ing tits dry hot mouth and muzzle pulse and temperature raised the

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tents etc. and of changing the dressing several times a

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tem till the natural course and processes of poison elimination have

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skin became hotter the pulse reached about the breathing

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the remedy being too powerful for the disease. Guided by

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differing so materially from the results of my own experience that

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is a keen observer an intelligent practitioner and we are glad

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which arise from some of them and in their probable interference

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yers have many times resorted to either the fist or in their

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man had a simple cardiac hypertrophy due apparently to

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tents and a portion of them was displaced upwards. They presented externally in

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stagnation in the capillaries of the hepatic artery. These observa

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later the University of Pennsylvania did the same. These

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Beyond all these points of interest are the two that God put

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Dr. Jacobi said that the tendency of cow s milk to coagulate

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the operation of lithotomy and lithotrity also for seizing arteries in

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patient both local and general. Without attempting even to

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The temperature seems almost always raised a trifle falling

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curative effects that certain purgatives as calomel have in both

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great as he was was the uncompromising foe of instru

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tity of urine becomes less until little more than the normal

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have allowed the statement to pass were it not that it might

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