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GaBsar s mother was living when he was at the height of his

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tarded by gastro enteric irritation or inflammation characterised

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others who tried to perfect the instrument which was wrong

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much of the time. To all this was added the constant menace


without initials in other cases as the sequel proved the initials

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l yncei so called from its seal which bore the image of

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This remission of the febrile symptoms continues for a time

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the posterior lobes. There was also opaque thickening of the arachnoid membrane in

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body. If we press the thumb strongly into the ojjening through which

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treatment of tetanus a disease in which a tendency to death

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I would only further add that Eokitansky and probably other

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ing the starch into malt sugar and dextrine in which form they

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be made at a place where the veins are deep seated and the

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Jime. Is very prostrate and stomach very sick again

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normal condition of the sympathetic nerve fibres either at its

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that the case was hopeless without an operation and would

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