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Table i^ — and edestin no reaction was obtained, but as was the

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cranium affronts the commencement of this antero-posterior curva-

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Wood (Practice of Medicine, vol. i. pp. 681 and 692 ; Philadelphia,

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eases of chlorosis which tend to pass over into pernicious anaemia. [In

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reduced to 49 hours, when the accumulated sludge decreased to 8

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Breinl, .\., AND HiXDLE, E. 1909. "Observations on the Life History of Trypa-

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more or less disturbance of the digestive organs. Here the cutane-

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may be prevented by placing a hot-water bag or a thermophor over the

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to what we have already said on the topic of neuralgia, to have glanced,

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margins of the endemic province of the Jubbulpore and Munda dis-

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ralgia, however, there is no acidity of the secretions, and some

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Psychologie Naturelle : Etude sur les Facultis Intellectuelles et Morales

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cows." All of the cows were kept in Colchester Borough, England: 40 cows aver-

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by the rough surface of oxalate stones. It is of two grades : (1) a simple

benzac 10 crema prezzo

tution in a masked or sub-acute form, and unmarked by any easily-

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four times the ordinary length and project above the general level

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idleness to talk of the shape of the head, its wedge-like construction,

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