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    muscidar layers overthrew the speculative tendency of

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    In the preceding number of the Practitionee was given an

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    which was periodically set up a reparative effort in fom

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    The nations of southern Europe were socially divided at

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    termed tropical as malarious fever hepatitis dysentery but also

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    are used to irrigate large areas of country. Hundreds of thou

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    of living at Vienna. It is one of the most expensive cities to

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    in Mr. Brooke s aneurism needle. Alter paring the edges

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    on account of there being a constant flow of saliva the openin.

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    Give as one dose. As soon as he is sufficiently recovered give him

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    constitution consulted Mr. Dossabhoy Bazunjee on the th October. There

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    tonitis the consequence of such injuries and the thing to be

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    A thoroughly educated physician in a neighboring town at

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    and the same diluted and sweetened a little for lambs and foals hoof

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    he was created a baron and he was influential in per

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    entirely cowed and passive whilst others were exceedingly

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    belaboring their infarcti and in administering enemas. As

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    course and tends toward recovery. We know as soon as the

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    Seasons. On referring to the total hospital admissions of pri

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    draws inward the lower costal cartilages the ensif orm appendix

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    of BtreSb. When these symptoms are noticed give No. repeating

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    XIV. Ligaturing the pancreas at tlie point or points of sec

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