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climate and usually seeking admission into hospital after having

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nothing ol save that he spent some time in Rlontpellier

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surface may be suspected from these events we may draw the

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In March and April of the same year the disease visited the infant

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tremendous pressure against the diai hragni it is liable to rupture und bt

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the larger number of invalids. Especially do the conditions

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command enabled them so inadequately to apply. The great

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direct attention to thrombosis as a cause of sudden death

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opium in full doses requires to be used in delirium tremens with

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east and northwest up this valley the fogs roll in the early

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slow to interpret rightly the casualties which have resulted from it.

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radiation of heat with consequent comparatively cold winter

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treated the same way with a result of separation of the slough

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understood and this danger can be reduced to the minimum

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The harness room should be near the carriage floor and easy of access

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and use of the ordinary fanner and stock owner are equally apparent.

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unquestionably a general tendency to fatty or other defeneration

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can it be otherwise when the system is anaemic and an active

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ments sucli as Pic de la Mirandola and Bessarion had

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vein in the lobules and their relation there to the portal capillaries.

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the mucous membrane of the large intestine evidently consequent on the separation of

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Flemish horses were at one time much valued in England for draft and

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Table XIX. Admissions and Deaths with Per centage from Epidemic

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The great and important question of the disposition of the

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Ireland. There are many local ren n. fj tam breeds of


added that urea is deficient in albuminous but not in chylo serous

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soon as they are in passably salabb condition. There is no money either

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tributed over the whol number of distinct bones. The names of the

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the disease and at the appropriate season change to a more tem

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antiseptic having an anesthetic action and promoting the

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of its ability to bear further loss of blood without injury we must

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tion against such heroic measures in the rebound the other

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Complicated with Irritability of Stomach Occasional vomit

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nuts natural position wlH n the weioht is on if.nake. t

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conditions will probably produce consolidation and shrinkage

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already explained an irregularity in the characteristic stages of

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Children and saw Dr. Charlotte Blake Brown operate for

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improvement in the state of the inflamed part. Indeed it is dis

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columns and described both of these diseases as due to

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the adynamic state of the system generally contra indicates it and

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January. Throughout this period the urine was generally less than twenty

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If the joint is opened in addition to the treatment given above spread

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dysentery or diarrhoea. On the contrary laxatives were often required and gene

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It was my intention to give a number of cases here but this

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simply a few thoughts the result of my own observations.

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and action. Such horses are much sought for driving on smooth roads

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both in eliminating impurities from the blood and in secreting the bile

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unanimous conclusion that the cattle had an imperfect con

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fever her pupils dilated and she was in a hoarse voice com

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of Edinburgh was warmly advocated by Mr. Twining in his clinical

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College a position lie retained up to his death in.

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at the margin of the right ribs. This was attributed to conges

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Excess of action of the spinal cord will then necessarily be indi

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puriform expectoration and he pointed to the left subclavian and mammary regions

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appv hhster No n.stead of No. to the throat and give P of

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with general anasarcous swellings dyspnoea and cough. There was praecordial dulness

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