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belief that this disease is occasionally related to malaria as a cause

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Inspection fifteen hours after death. No evident tumefaction of either side of the

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land and West riesland and differ perhaps only in that the latter are

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mation. But it may be objected that opium given frequently in

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peutics and to predict that the term at no remote period will

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the spirit of safe and useful clinical instruction.

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worthy of note that of the three cases of aortic aneurism two

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a uterus containing polypus or any kind of tumor or the

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presented dark red patches and the glands of Brunner were more than usually

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tion of Wilmington was surrounded by a small area of tilled

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in intermittent fever in India uncomplicated with gastric or

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they are all impractK al le and cannot be recommended. In addition to

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fodder every day and in summer are grazed on dry and wann pastures

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The states of disease for which the latter is required are usually

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excessive fatigue. That they were horses of great bottom and some

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Cases have been introduced chiefly with the object of elucidating


pneumogastric and spinal accessory take origin from a very

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the druggist to fill the prescription which the physician has

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wholesome. Nor can this disease be attributed to the food of

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ceps in crude form is the earliest the first on record per

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convalescence from scarlatina and the history of occasional cases of

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and relaxed bowels. The prominence at the epigastrium increased and fluctuation

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ence that happened to myself. I was called in the middle of

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of treatment to use remedies which while they make a decided

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remarks which may be made must not however be supposed

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longer sent to them but instead to the healthy adjacent cells

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ceded by cold affusion to the head the occurrence of the second

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observed except some adhesions which existed between the concave surface of the

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Immense droves of them were driven North into Kansas where they

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Doctor can well feel complimented at his large majority as

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admissible thing is granulated sugar made into a syrup of tho consist

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