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and ligarnonts which liold the parts in that portion ever after unless

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conterapomriea to the new doctrine tliat he at one time lost

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medical and surgical history of Southern California subscribe.

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will not succeed until you have put the sphincter at rest and

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summer and autumn. The consequent rapid rise of tempera

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a preternatural anus. Examination of the hernia showed large

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to be common among those females in India who lead secluded

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When the abscess has opened into the lung anodynes tonics

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rc.po. gt it once a day for a week then rest u week

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in which quinine is injurious and others in which large doses do

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Head. On removing the calvarium about five ounces of thin serous fluid oozed

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sists in the insufflation or injection of air into the connective

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the two needles may be nearly simultaneous. The thread near

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It is very probable that an essential condition of all cachectic

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at F. but in an acid fluid this temperature instantly kills

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Further that in some cases for which local blood letting was not

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Von Rokitansky worked for a long time in miserablaj

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by the application of all the diagnostic means at our command

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vault is often defective in parts lies the internal jugular vein

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of the th Kegiment and little sickness of any kind.

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the rennets should be soaked in clean wHpv I r For use

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abandoned before the close of his long and useful career as we

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more forcibly to irritability of stomach whether of the nature first

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llie present century but was equally distinguished as an

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At the very first signs of disease of the marsoid cells or

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cerebro spinal variety is also present in the mixed and is most

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one of the surgeons in the Massachusetts General Hospital

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bination on occasions when there appeared a remission in the symptoms.

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course which seem to me not to have received its full conside

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known to the civilized world here they are in abundance and

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success even resecting the cancerous portions and suturing

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the tissues in their struggle with the disease germs develop a

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sigmoid flexure occupied the hypogastric region and reached to the umbilicus the

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is sufficiently accounted for. The general salubrity of the sta

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enlargement of Peyer s glands or ulceration anywhere. In the mucous membrane of

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Short Faced Lancashlre. This breed is remarkable for the shorty.

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The superiority of this preparation over other extracts of beef depends npoa

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and compression of the brain in the early stages of hemo

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some a commencement as intermittent. Death was caused by prostration in some

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giddiness was complained of. There was also uneasiness across the umbilicus and

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Atlas Tho first bone of the neck or first cervical vertebra.

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operation is accompanied by very little risk and is sure to

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longer duration or have partially merged into those of the more

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in an ounce and a half of camphor mixture with from twenty

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irregular spasmodic action paralysis anaesthesia blindness and

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most efficacious have been preparations of iron combined with

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opium to each dose. But after a time the adverse action of the

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