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equal quantity of barley water and a little sugar of milk.

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felt relative to the expediency of inserting so many illustrative

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chronic endometritis plus more or less metritus if I may so

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opiates. It is well observed by Cullen that the physician shows as

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and the lessening of the cough and dyspnoea are attended by a

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treated with occasional doses of compound powder of jalap the anti scorbutic mixture

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its surface were marked with cicatrices as if from former abscesses. The mucous

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was perceptible under the left. During his stay in hospital the evening exacerbation

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Take the classical cup of hemlock as prepared for Socrates

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Body. Throughout heavy bones well proportioned in length

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grain market. Dr. Keos mentions two that were seventy years old in

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were actually vegetable forms and Schulze liad already

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principal hones of the skull but are not vis.hle externally.

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spmtered as n spavm. The warty or stalactite kind grows like a wart

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irritation and inflammation was controlled by poultices of flax

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is sometimes corrected by the results of treatment. Cases sup

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surgery etc. are simply voluntary limitations and appli

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percussion and there was bronchial respiration mixing with occasional subcrepitous rale.

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adapted to relieve affections of the chest and lungs.

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the druggist. The evil has been aptly designated by the

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take hours to report all the cases of physicians who have them

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The Short Horns and Hei fords are by all odds the best breeds

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maximum the face becomes darker the eyes protrude the supra

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febrile excitement flushing headache coated tongue occasional

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though the fever had been of that duration on admission the

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to which the foregoing description applies the population of

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Bombay from which the following summary statement of some of

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mentioned of the ten remaining cases in six the kidneys were

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accompanying a common cold or it may arise from the extension of thu

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