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metallic nervines (carbonate of iron, gr. v — x in die ; zinci oxid. gr.

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conditions. Again, Wright observed that "in general, growth appears to be as

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effect of continual in-door life in producing scrofula and consumption,

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from a pink to a decided red, and, when the lesion of the bone

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Treatment. — Prophylaxis and the causal indications demand thu

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systole of the ventricle. Moreover, according to Friedreich, in such

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lesions might be noticed, but the principal ones have been mentioned

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usually affects the left side of the epigastrium, and spreads more or

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curvature, the vomiting only occurs now and then, but comes after

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The mortality rate for the year 1906 of American troops in the Phil-

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has also been prescribed as having a reputed power of causing con-

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is often very great, is called dry catarrh (catarrh sec). In the former,

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There is very much in this book that will well repay the

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Every attentive person, every medical man, has ample op-

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dependent upon the pneumogastrio or sympathetic nerves, but seems to

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staining reactions often showing irregular, including coccus- and ba-

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for all causes for the decade prior to the Spanish-American w r ar, when

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distended walls and an escape of blood ensue. This furnishes a simple

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stances. The thickly-coated tongue, the slimy, bitter, or foul taste,

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acts as her husband's chemical assistant from morning until night. Another

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the globe I take a quantity of atmospheric air, if this air be

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ment of the liver. "Moreover, without being enlarged, a greater part

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by introducing particles of fibrin, muscle, elder-pith, and the like into

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tures and adhesions of the intestines, or on the various forms of con-

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may even prove advantageous, by removing irritant substances that

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than is normal. That the apex is displaced downward, is simply owing

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which violent patients were fed by Dr. Stevens, of St. Luke's

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organism is distinctive and can not possibly be included in Wright's

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Mood-corpuscles, easily recognizable by their form and color, besides a

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given as effervescing powder, or effervescing mixture, or as carbonic-

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regarded as cases of genuine yellow fever, because appearing

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tion, in the long-neglected field of treatment of disease, by

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pears in phthisical lungs independent of tubercle, was aacribable to

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