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membrane of the large intestine dysentery may be present

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in which unfortunately the symptoms are often obscure. I make

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Section VI. Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital Remittent Fever

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last case reported was a girl of years who had been sick

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coast of Great Britain Ireland and the Orkney Isles. It also

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vice for his child and casnally remarked that he suffered every

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his crop to such a degree that the whole when moistened becomes a

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tions of iron and other remedies supposed to have special influence

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a proceeding of very doubtful expediency. But when we recollect

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weight for we may believe that it may remain as a residuum

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fatal and tlieir outbursts were disgraceful in the extreme.

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forms of artificial teeth. Bourdet dentist to the king

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occurring in the hospital frequenting classes of the native popula

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saddle he trotted against General Butler and Toronto Chief winning

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and bronchial flux. If the condition is more serious the fine

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powder ven. effective in certain forms of chronic catarrhal

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The method by ligatures is the earliest of all. Human

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in which the period of the production of malaria is coincident with

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of respiration cough dry at first afterward moist if a stage

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pocrates of Ghklen of Gelsus elbowing the disembodied spirits

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and a full and frequent pulse morphia is contra indicated but

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somewhat tense. The sinking increased rapidly the purging continued and he died

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pox. There were deaths which gives a mortality of per

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inferred that this colour is a condition of the early stage of the

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able point and view has been presented. The advocates of

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ease by a diagnosis carefully constructed from symptoms

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tinued there need be no hesitation in considering the disease to be

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object in the management of all to bring about and maintain a

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Our visit to Riverside and San Bernardino we shall report

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as to lessen discomfort and mitigate local derangements when

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