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is gummed to the bottle. This precaution is necessary to pre

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The rapidly increasing population of California partiy due

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Bombay because much of my practical acquaintance with disease

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account of the morbid appearances found after death.

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HoRNS smooth crumpled not too thick at the base and tapering

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number and the anatomy ol tliose of the superior and

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Friday Fvening A paper was read by Dr. Guiberson of

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In addition to the instruments described in the last section there are


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discovery of some means of alleviating pain during child

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of the pui pose of the vascular system that some have

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ing effects of elevated temperature or on the want of adaptation of

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the cells together as well as into the cells themselves. The ques

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been some time in forming. The process had apparently com

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supplied by the patient himself or becomes evident upon aimple

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The kind of sputa which I have described in my remarks on

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Los Angeles. Another favor to the medical profession of

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set with great sycamores evergreen live oaks and rapidly

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interests of the living. Besides sanitary reasons there are

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of stock is ruined each year by the spread of this fatal disease.

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couutiv of the liorse really was matters little except as an interesting

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to place the mucous coat of the large intestine in the state most

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