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of a common single or double knot. But this tie takes much

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For we have already arranged for a series of papers

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great attention must at the same time be given to the regimen

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four weeks. Give gentle exercise and feed some oil cake meal evorv

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pump to guard against turning them in upon the luncrs

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step son Boliemond in order to secure tlie succession of

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the recently arrived on which these opinions mainly rest are

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henbane in poisonous doses dilates the pupils and opium contracts

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must lead to the conclusion that these principles were not rightly

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intermittent fever present any peculiar discoloration but to this remark I attach

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mountain even this extension is inexpedient as a permanent

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seen isolate the animal at once and quarantine him prevent any com

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sultants and the friends of the patient or the patient himself

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action the copiousness of the exudation and above all by the

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ing of the vibratory faculty of tike deeper cells. At any rate

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