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forth the efforts of Indian Governments and their servants in medical education will

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The arrangement of the material is good and the subjects

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morning with the first remission. He attaches importance to their

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sight normal pupils very contracted. Baerwinkle noticed

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explain the cause upon which it depends. I propose there

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many it secured a numerous and important following

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fine juahties for that period which was generally known as the Warren

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team would cat because they cannot get it. Scant feed is certainly not

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and dam up the pus in the cavity behind it there is obvious

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grey induration almost cartilaginous when incised but branches of the pulmonary

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assisted by derangement of its function that is by altered condi

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out to Dr. Scott s hospital. Every moment is engaged here

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work in his branch in New York during the last few months.

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il grown hook teeth do not tihovr any wear whatever.

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Horses are frequently poisoned sometimes by eating noxious plants or

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cured by the removal of these causes and by the substitution of

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from Nusseerabad and their accommodation at Ahmednuggur

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legitimacy of birth and of proper duration of preliminary

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iron conductors with which his pupils joining hands placed

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ance of the Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria who was

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Lancashire much improved by Bakewell and established through the

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uterine activity is complete contractions will usually appear.

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any desire for solid animal food that he may evince. This sug

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My earlier cases occurred before much attention had been given to

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and mortification. For at the point of deligation everj ligatured

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Gynecological Association Dr. John Scott the San Francisco

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suddenly depress the temperature of the surface of the body are

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about thirty or forty days an intermediary callus is formed at

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For the men selected from barracks from all stations whether in

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propter. The same description will apply to the Norman prop r except

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abate tlie popes who then stood at the head of scientific

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The statement very generally made by writers on tetanus that

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The copy before us is No. VoL. It is rich in valoable

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mucous membrane of the stomach and sometimes of the intestinal

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On the twelfth day after the operation the eye was again

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organ. Abdomen. The liver was enlarged and extended across the epigastric region

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pathology and who biouglit about the downfall of Brous

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partly of a creaking character. In this situation there was tenderness on pressure.

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another place and have a tendency to spread and slough eating away the

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use of these Hill stations are accepted as just then there need be

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fluid oozes in considerable quantity from the hypertrophied papillae

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with the exception of those cases which are directly due to

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last two phalanges of the index and middle fingers and the

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become empty above the ligature. He studied the courses

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cases of nervous exhaustion and debility constipation and dyspepsia.

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While in consequence of the remarkable adaptation of life to

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is in many instances markedly remittent in type. So much so

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of the actions in which these nervous centres are engaged and

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full and firm associated with increased heat of skin and co exist

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year of hepatitis in plethoric Europeans lately arrived in India

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