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in order to give to the independent investigator a useful hand

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some days afterwards when sleeping exposed he became aiFected with great dyspnoea

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cumstances exceed that of the general civil population of the Bombay Presidency

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We expect to publish copies of the Register and gra

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means of a complicating meningitis are equally applicable to a

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ical when he maintained that in the long run everybody had

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uterus. She was flowing constantly. The os had dilated

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Section I. The prevalence of Tetanus in certain classes of the community in

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t vm extending down to the upper poiu I. i ok tukmikei.

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germ and is on this account dangerous. All such infected

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glazed and foetid the al domen tucked up and constant moaning. Give

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is of but little account. In relation to training for field work an

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causin. the inability to swallow before mentioned the tongue gets black

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incisions being made the intestines protruded distended with gas and fluid. The

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that the appearance presented by the corpses of many of the rebel

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cases of puncture of hepatic abscess of these two recovered. Mal

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but frequently decided depressions of strength occur with pro

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which vary in force frequency duration extent and preference for

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order to educate military surgeons and thus overcome the

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retaining power of the stomach by opium. He prefers the inter

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after apparent recovery a recurrence took place when two m

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fitting stocking has been my model in shaping sole leather

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mittent fever that further notice here would be superfluous.

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tho four quarters fourteen pound to the stone. The beef is finely

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solidation of the lung and the hepatisation of pneumonia. In

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select the sea level as at Santa Monica and Long Beach an

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mucous membranes and render them more intractable than

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by more or less of the symptoms called dyspeptic may be readily

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The Vienna letter puts a somewhat different aspect on the

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in the other eye and on the following day this eye also was


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of ovaries removed and young women unsexed is becoming

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indication yet we are frequently obliged to be very cautious

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diminished in consequence of the sinking power of the vital ac

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given proportion of the hypertrophied muscle j and after that

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This opinion was uncontested until the middle of tlie

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locality where medical treatment and care are also available is a

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mercury to one half ounce of simple cerate or some other

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Besides holding a homeopathic certificate he was at this time

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