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    Sun stroke is not confined to Europeans. In Dr. Don s report on

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    injure already distended air vesicules in such a way as to rob

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    his work on Physical Diagnosis he displayed an independent

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    the less fashionable are not the better cattle. Originally the Short lloi ns

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    sometimes best explained on the supposition that tropical heat is

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    Society should his name be connected witli the patent and I

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    Being very susceptible to sea sickness and having re some

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    pelled after due notice at the option of the Society.

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    that differs but little from this save in definition is the

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    high coloured urine indicate excess of blood in the kidney then

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    with coagulated mucus. If the skin is affected there will bo pustules

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    dropsy by purgatives or diuretics. The use of stimulants must

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    discharges contained blood tinged mucus and the febrile accessions ceased.

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    and Intermittent Fever in the Janisefjee Jejeehhoy Hospital at Bombay

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    nary principles with emetics purgatives diaphoretics and rest


    patient s state of health would gradually improve and each

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    there is a very interesting communication from Dr. Gordon Surgeon of the th

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