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parts of the urinary apparatus. They are most common in localities where

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aortic systolic murmur and disease of the aortic valves.

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adhesion between the surfaces of the arachnoid where it dips between the hemispheres

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the thread and its outer coat strangulated by it and before the

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shape of the organ being large of body and small of base so

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American physicians to the metliod then in vogue in

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In the hot stage there is excess of vascular action and the

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ment of dysentery in natives of India. When the disease occurs

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case of cured remittent fever succeeded by fatal tetanus and one

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a record of eight litliotomies performed in half an hour

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that the edncation of aninuds should begin at a verv earlv agerwh he

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In that case there will be a dischanrfl nf no om nails.

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for any special case. For the treatment of catarrh I simply

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sliears this prevents nmch bleeding and let them pass back. If severe

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Note. The author of this paper leaves it to special writers thoroughly acquainted

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