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According to Drs. Parkes and Baly they originate in the solitary

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often for many years yet to come be placed in positions remote

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organs giving rise in the brain to undue drowsiness and sense of

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which the medical student is very apt to receive with the

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every day and fed according to the work i erformed.

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who was a representative of tlie new French medicine and

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December. On the nd he had been affected with slight diarrhoea from which

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Prcecordial fulness was observed in only two and was appa

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manent relief to glaucoma. Eserine will give temporary

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hepatisation there is in the pulmonary capillary turgescence

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under these circumstances of absorption into the portal blood of

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sepsis and disinfection. In order to live germs need water

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and returned into tlie abdominal cavity enlarging the

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surgical art who have astonished the world witli their con

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The conditions necessary to the life of all germs are a certain

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danger of brain complication. Ordinarily when pus is formed

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irrespective of those of other observers. This statement and a

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full and resisting and the vascular excitement steady and without

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the Porro. In England Caesarean section has been wonder

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more of his ailments than their apparent importance justified. On the th December

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a pseudarthrosis which may answer well enough but I doubt

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pulse with increase of its volume in some cases cyanosis and

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without distress. The Holsteins also make excellent draft animals and

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The Rectus r forms the front edge of the thigh and proceeds

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of the tumor and replace with a strong solution of potassium

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induration. Of the seven cases of febrile pneumonia there was he

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and the cough was more troublesome with increase of bronchitic rales. The urine

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irritation and inflammation of urino genital organs impercci til le pulse

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essary during the paroxysm of colic even then the obturator

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Blue pill and ipecacuanha with an occasional laxative were also given. The fever

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than our text book delineated as typical cases of endometritis.

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to derive advantage from a residence more or less prolonged between the

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phosphates to asthenic and cachectic states. They are signs of

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the so called receiving wards and wait there till an assistant

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and flush pastures slower. Thus in all the pasture regions of the Wei

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