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If I am not verv much mistaken many others who are now

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which includes a careful adjustment of the vital stimuli and the

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October. Of the four which occurred in June three were ad

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missions has been neglected and that of the exacerbations has been

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study was further eomplicated at this time by certain

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stimulants is in my judgment a much more successful and satis

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sometimes edged white the bill curved strong of a light horn color at

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position on my return to that country has afforded me the oppor

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erroneous and that large doses of calomel increased the vas

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desire to micturate. More or less of such symptoms as these may

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appearance of the latter was natural no discoloration no vascularity no alteration

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and no severely cold weather in winter. The grasses therefore are natu

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of malaria elevated temperature and intemperance or in the

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form. This variety bears depletion better than pure remittents

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show that the average temperature of January the coldest

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after the commencement of the fever. These facts inculcate

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President Lincoln once went with General McClellan to ex

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