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kinds in the European General Hospital at Bombay for the Five Years

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scribing druggist stands upon exactly the same plane as the

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ance. The diagnosis of peritonitic effusion from ovarian dropsy

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the febrile accessions to alternate with the diarrhoea may occasion

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some of the pyramids seemed somewhat indurated and fibrous. The spleen and

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were adhesions between the arachnoid membrane and the falx caused by small gramdes

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is probably exerted through the vaso motor nervous system.

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irritability of stomach became distressing vomiting was excited by speaking and by

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and followed by a rubbing with fresh melted lai d repeating

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far that the bullock is driven into a narrow gangway or pen

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greater frequency of the respiratory acts. Difficulty of breathing

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Trichina spiralis A minute entozoon parasitic mite which burrows

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prove severe have not this character at the commencement but

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the final success of the new agent to the liappy accidenta

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twenty eight inches wide and about seven feet long stiffenin.rth ends

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disease and the fact of cure both being authenticated by com

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vagina when it was in the child s mouth. The discomfiture of

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often ushered in with rigors nausea headache and febrile excite

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Boston that this disease runs a certain course. From considering

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treated of in this work it will be taken for granted that the

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lar meeting in February or at such other times as the Society


events both are favourable to degeneration and destruction of

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Perhaps it is not entirely courteous to be so inquisitive but

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exceedingly delicate task though not diflScult otherwise the utmost

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are scattered over it The waters of the various rivers and

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