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    reduced by lessened expansion of the lungs. In the elevated locality the respiratoiy

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    one point of the surface a small blister forms gathers breaks and hies

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    The reproductive functions require hook bones of good size and a

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    stand an air pressure of pounds to the square inch. Hav

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    fioxcd. When dry thoy will be hot sore to tho touch

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    material again the result of an inflammatory process similar

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    comb capped over. Hence pure comb capped by the bees commands

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    only follow the directions of that great philosopher George

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    between the liver and the parietes and that when it communicates

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    inch above trachael bifurcation. The great difficulty of the ope

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    reference to the different tendency to death in different cases.

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    was proud of the opportunity of sitting at Dr Shattuck s

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    and most successful stock men will be of incalculable benefit to every

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    fright and arterial disturbance produced by subjecting a child

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    These considerations lead to the conclusion that the successful

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    of the chest was defective. The right dorsal lateral and mammary regions were

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    part but most commonly of the head neck and fore parts. Sometmies

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    dropsy existing it was rather a gain than a disadvantage. A

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    notices through various journals that Cocaine had been tried

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    No artificial appliance was made use of to keep the remaining

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    Inspection seven hours after death. Brain. There was increased vascularity of

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    that no man can afford for his own sake to have published

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    leprosy is altogether distinct from the genus Lepra of the order

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    the one shown in the illustration of kindness and common sense exempli

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    unless it does so it is perfectly wholesome j the clearer the

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    Constitutional treatment is based upon the same general

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    That the eighteenth century up to its close was the

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    Much of the time and labor spent in the discussion of scientific

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    blossomed into the rounded bust that forms the piece de resist

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    cessfuUhe breeder s art consisted in mating those animals whose.

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    n ent bemg his silence so that he becomes v. m gret

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    feeble. He stated that since his discharge from hospital he had used spirituous

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    Section TV. Symptoms. Fever Fain Dyspnoea Cough De

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    on pressure from the contractile organisation of pre existing caco

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    tint of the endocardium and muscular tissue of the heart. James Riley aged

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    was the first to systematically describe diseases of the ear

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    IV. Cirrhosis. The hill climate is unsuitable for the soldier in whom

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    between the hock and the stifle joint V. the small long bono behmd

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    without thickening or exudation some slight degree of thick

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    nitis. Abdool Eahman a Mussulman horsekeeper fifty years of age an inhabitant

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    The little cut at the end of this chapter prettily illustrates some results

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    splenic enlargement and cachexia and their use should be care

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    surgery in and soon acquired a great reputation as a J

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    natural dense and contracted. Its surface was corrugated and studded with small

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    here direct attention to those greater degrees of irritability of the

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