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    Treatment of Simple Intermittent Fever. The treatment must

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    greatly simplify the work of the Pacific coast Sanitarian. The

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    What to do. Give half an ounce of castor oil with a tablespooutui

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    Tho livor is not seriously aifect d bu r n T T tained.

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    tain that the disease is a neurosis. Without submitting this

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    forces working harmoniously aud assigns to them all

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    tuberculosis and ulceration of the intestines should completely

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    typical in this case and led no doubt the Chicago specialist

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    now concerned are more or less impaired. If it were sufficient

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    general and extensive practice here I find their opinions and

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    of Jersey and Alderney are now called Jerseys just as all Dutch cattle

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    tioned and those in the levator humeri muscles found just inside and

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    traction is not a very expensive one and the lanolin is thirlnr

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    accordance with the views of Professor Germain S e and is

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    of the heart and under ordinary circumstances varies slightly

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    It and sometimes involving the whole hock except the

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    nipple the murmur became louder and obscured both sounds of the heart. The

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    and that its pathology and etiology are imperfectly understood.

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    from which most if not all the oil has been extracted with

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    Chronic not Tubercular and not Consecutive on Acute

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    Joubert lo i lo was Chancellor in tlie Univei sity i

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    serous effusion separately or associated together we can never

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    tinued more or less troublesome. On the rd July distinct hardness and tumefaction

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    ness and many other nervous symptoms are the bodily

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    found in the pericardium. The heart was considerably enlarged. There were opaque

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    In performing this duty I have endeavoured to embody my

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    vascular or other tissues which remaining in a condition more or

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