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sites, prior to use, by dipping them in an antiseptic

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tilled water. Check the reaction. If necessary, readjust to pH 7.6

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stitute the whole of the attack, the patient recovering in two, four, or five

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(2) Potassium persulfate (K 2 S 2 0 8 ), 2.5 percent water solu-

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from his first experience of that which must seem strange and

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lytic streptococci, inoculate blood broth containing sodium azide.

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saprophytic Neisseria are salt or serum sensitive, it is

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He has noted some wheezing and rattling in the chest. As a

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ous serum derived from a cobra-poison proof animal may be expected

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have seen our success increase in the ratio of our knowledge of

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my term in the Rotunda Hospital, and do not remember a single

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that the diaphragm is a rather widely mo\'ing curtain, and that,

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on which he sits, and, with the fingers pointing backward and the

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her appetite, digestion, and sleep were fair, notwithstanding the

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evening session. Promptly at half past eight o'clock Dr. Has-

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oaks, sycamore, hickories, walnut, alder, and the various fruit

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but to show the relationship which exists between the various

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can produce a passive specific immunity when administered per os, the milk is

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quired hemolytic jaundice. The cause of these rapid changes

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presumptive test yields a titer of 1 :224 or higher the differential

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been too often, if not persistently, confounded with results actually

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result of some reaction, and probably have a common origin, being natural products

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Dec. 6. General Meeting, 7.30 p. m., coffee at 7 p. M.

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ties of bacterial cell substances, is used ; while, in the other case, a solution which

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of elimination. I have assumed, however, that these other means

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(a) The lesion is cleansed of surface crust, detritus, pus,

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opening of the longest and most severe period of hay-fever,

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insert the funnel stock with its small end towards the

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and nutrition were good. Case II was under our care for eight

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On these visits I explain to the patient, over and over again,

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tables LX and LXI.) For details of the individual life cycles of

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to some local disease process which lays the body open to invasion by

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vary from beat to beat we have ob\iously to assume that varia-

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a formulated code defining the relations of medical men to the public or to each

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of partial absorption by the colored solute. Thus the optical

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instead of tricor

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ognized by these men. A few doses of the potentized Pulsatilla

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percent solution), 1.5 gm of powdered iodine crystals. This solu-

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wide-mouth sterile bottles (without any added fluid) and

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simple pneumonia. Even here it must be admitted that the limits of the

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later 2 liters more were aspirated and again in ten days 1| liters.

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