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tidian intermittent fever for thirteen days before admission into hospital on the th

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tamy position. A small sound was introduced into the rectum

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relating the morbid appearances found after death to the symptoms

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gastric disturbance is of sufficient prominence to attract atten

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advantages of such locality. Such information is almost daily

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An eclipse of this luminary has always been regarded by the

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in the eighteenth century would be in the neighborhood of

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before been condemned. They were moreover overcrowded but

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that the Capuchins who were raeie lascivious gluttons

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be compelled as they frequently are lo inhale air that has

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Wine or beer when they do not excite the pulse or irritate the

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decomposition in the grave can be avoided by cremation of

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oil then ipecacuanha and blue pill were given at intervals latterly combined with

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two months from the day of his admission. By this time he

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in the methods and practice of their predecessors trained

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laUd vertically and widely expanded legs feet and na.U perfcctiv

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hearted persons stuff their animals so full that they are uncomfortable.

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one case from ten respectively. From the remaining ships there were not any

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When we compare the admissions under the head Eheumatism

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the last twenty years their numbers both sexes included have

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the exact mctliod hence the century is of great impor

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bone remains defective in cases of total necrosis of a diaphy

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is less likely to be prejudicial in the conditions described above

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imjmrtially now the successors of these very same men

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carbonate of ammonia given every ten minutes. Had forty drops of tincture of

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many years agoj drew attention to appearances similar to those

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appearance of mucous meml ranes. Give eggs and milk in large quanti

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In intermittent fever the duration of the paroxysm and of the

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the necessity of familiarising ourselves with the principles which

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Aplitha is much the oftenest seen in foals resulting from the irritation

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lowering the pressure of the vascular system generally con

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wrongfully located or had moved in the meantime hence in

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feet and the evening after admission it had extended partially to

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If it becomes hard and solid.the only remedy lies in dissecting it out

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stance of the lung because pneumonia seldom occurs without

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