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readily carried from horse to horse by the grooms on their hands or

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sufficient to get up a stampede at the slightest provocation. The animu

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is indicated in cases of circumscribed abscess and malignant

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natives of India generally more particularly in the asthenic. It is

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in consequence of the different system of classification followed by

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likely in itself to lead there to any higher stage of inflamma

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tended practice he found time to read all that had been

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had ceased to be an in patient. Ammonia and valerian and

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is to prevent the recurrence of the paroxysm by antiperiodic

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stages which mark its progress. The various vapors used for

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to the king. His wealth was employed for the elevation

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press upon the quarters causing corns and perhaps setting up inflamma

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not especially nervous atid has accustomed hc rsclf to the guidauco of

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right lung and the diaphragm. But just as in the peritoneum we

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sion and there was much less of that one sided narrow edu

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It is well in connection with this subject of bathing to re

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the Suffolk breed of cattle. Dark colors are uniformly preferred from

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confine the secretions and initiate carious abrasion of the roof

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served by me to be particularly related to asthenic and cachectic

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These opinions on the causes of the relative prevalence of the

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should enhance its price to the consumer. This fact of their flesh hcDg

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ticular if the seat of disease be in the cervical vertebrae and

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full of bile. The kidneys were somewhat smaller than natural and externally mottled

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Another advantage is that the deep pool does not so readily breed germs

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March a horsekeeper in the service of Colonel Lodwick was brought to me.

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successfully performed the operation bearing his name. This

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also considerable venous congestion of the posterior lobes of the brain.

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they will reach pounds. The cows will weigh from to

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purulent is white and frothy tho purulejjt is yelhW

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quinine should be continued in decreasing quantities for the three

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in megrim and other observers have remarked on the similar

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microscope the sine qua non of all modern investigation has

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fu and broad rather than narrow and projecting it is of Inferior quality

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country with their advertisements until a mother who nurses

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brandy and the draught three times but he continued agitated talking incoherently

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The third case is detailed below it occurred before the atten

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the pleasant odor the non inflammability the non irritant

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use of carbolized sutures and dressings. Small bougies were

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In distinguishing the diseases of the liver we are often un

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Table IX. Admissions and Deaths with Per centage from Intermittent

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