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one of enlargement are subjoined. The first is of interest because

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the hot water each time with the lotion. No. and bandage loosely wet

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the slightest irregularity through the full beard which the

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blood horse their round compact form and the full flesh they earry

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nature and no doubt it was on them that this author grounded his

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being by this time perfectly free from blood a little albumen

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The banquet was a fine affair so said all present. I enjoyed

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to March those into the Hospital of the Byculla schools

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August. There were noon and midnight exacerbations and

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two affections were combined. But in four the cardiac disease

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the reduction of the dislocation impossible and about two

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the removal of the tube ether often being administered to fa

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killed the internal organs of one were simply studded with

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Renouard says the presence of a few pupils during visi

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iology subsei vieut to pathology was the creatoi of the

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tissue and every step of success towards this end must improve

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into the ear the discharge continued until some time in

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bones of the leg. A rudiment of the smaller metacarpal. S One

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and October the months immediately succeeding the rainy season

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becrinning of the third to soften a little. It may then perhap. come

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amendment. When the stage of pneumonia suitable for local

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the great care Is to picserve breeds in their purity. Hence pedigrees

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from congestion but there was no remarkable prominence of

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The variations both as regards quantity and quality we shall

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wax requiring the consumption of about twenty ounces of honey.

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the feculent discharges. Quinine was given without effect and

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enough for me to know that so has God willed and I trust

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tended range of investigation than has as yet been applied to these

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proceeded from the great vessels compressed at their origin by the

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weed amamnth pursley portulacca and vimous other succulent pUuits

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passes victoriously through the trying ordeal of securing a

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his Epoch making Revolution in Suigical Methods. Modifications of his

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tion of the pupils. Claude Bernard has also shown that the

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the intestinal tract. The benzoate of soda which was first

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N. T. has an interesting article on this subject in the Medical

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the means calculated from the sums of the columns of the summary.

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Some weeks ago the attention of the Neurological Society

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medicine. Ultimately he became Professor of Philosophy

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in some circumstances is the chief if not the only proximate

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the men who most contributed to extend and elevate it.

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hepatic abscesses. The slow and gradual evacuation of the pus by

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adipose tissue their only remaining outlet is by fatty degeneration hence the

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when used as a hicmostatic w ith the primary union of wounds.

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inhaled lor experiment or diversion its x cuHar exhilarating

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rmxal that such formations project through a rupture in the

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phenomenon could have been so long delayed it seems

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between the affected and the total hospital admissions of the dif

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had published several works that he allowed Ins famous

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monly in asthenic than sthenic constitutions.. It is often dif

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awe inspiring breathings of the mighty ocean while on the

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good bono and substance. In Bokhara is a small stout shaggy breed

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of November and beginning of December in the jungly

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