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orable discovery that the posterior roots of the spinal nerves

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also the climate of Poorundhur will prove beneficial. The tendency

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cholera seizures took place and in which in another epidemic

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of nosology being the secret of Ins reputation. His ex J

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At least one grass lot should be near the stable and if large

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an efficient condition in favouring the spread of the disease.

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duced Under exceptional circumstances a strong ram will cover iOU

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body exceeds that of the more powerful hind le rs in push.m.

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either case. Aside I rom the distinction of having trotted the fastest mile

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monies were appropriate and such were often held it was

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derangements of the general organism. In such a location the.simijlcst

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on this point. Dr. GruU estimates the proportion of death from

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was found to be in the jejunum and its wall was destroyed

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nature of the case and in my own practice varies from Ave

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in the heart of the prosperous lakeside metropolis. We trust

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the last decade railroads were built it was one of the few places

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its severity and for this purpose quinine is as efficacious as in the

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ing miracles of other classes in addition to those of healing

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It is to phenomena of this kind that the term Tetanus has

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sons whose health is already somewhat deranged. There is a

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joints from one eighth to one halfof an inchlon.r joined end tT.T I

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internally and the incised surface had a smaU granular aspect. Spleen healthy.

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kind of folly pereisted in Germany longer than in any

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to wash out the mouth or still better grains daily along

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to receive the theological rubbish of another century or two

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pulse the invasion of Charles V. He had never seen war

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tinuous there will be still further advantage to many of this class

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geon was for many years quite generally preserved but

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tinued of opinion that the disease originated from a malarious

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of the uterus is generally elongated from one half to a full

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strengthened and the amount of residual air is diminished.

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behind this point s a never failing sign of weakness. The crops should

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stage unless the patient has been accustomed to their free.use.

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ing and the treatment was discontinued. She died in the

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From these data then it would seem that there is about an equal

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ago are thus described by Youatt whose writings are our best authoX

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the filling of an abscess cavity in the soft parts. This new

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apparatus is simply prepared for a catastrophe and exposure to

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