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malaiia. Middlesex Hosp. ■)., Loud., 1898, ii, 19-20.—

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the result of breathing, then the appearances described will be met with : but

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or pulses by every complexity of vibration — grave tones

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impress upon you, gentlemen, that in arthritis the movements of

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There are a very large number of people — in point of fact, the

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to the right of it, irregular in outline, indurated, infiltrating sur-

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ing a knowledge of practical anatomy, and yet it mulcts us for

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connection. In only a very small proportion of these


quinine to the South, and that General Butler, as the agent of the Federal

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tions ; also Certificates of attendance on two Courses of Lec-

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vance, especially if its strict enforcement secures

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the present shape was evolved. Arranging the recognized

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variation in intensity, even after the application of

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without affecting the correctness of the general doctrines inculcated.

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Dr. I homson's medicines wholesale and retail. Also,

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36. It has been observed, in preparing the syrup of citro-iodide of

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amount of sputum varies greatly ; it may be foetid, or merely

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tologist, but, unhappily, does not lend itself easily to the purposes of

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feelings and concerns, and assess for mental stress.

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renal surgery, especially amongst Continental surgeons.

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" When haemorrhage (from the lungs) be more than a drachm in a

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Charlotte Walker, Druid City Hospital student nurse from Fayette,

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no experiment on record to show that this can be, or that it

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the surfiice of the body. An occasional internal " scouring'' was supposed

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The aortic valves are normal. On the anterior cusp of the

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