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niously opposed. The principaT arguments are, 1st. That

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tumefaction, catarrhal inflammation, or ulceration or gangrene.

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joint really thus diseased there should be — unless it had

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state into councilor districts would be all right for the nomination

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And in the immense majority of cases the stupor caused by uraemia

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bution of the ambulances, and the points to which he will carry the wounded,

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lowing experiments {Erb)^ which show a great deal about the mode

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The relationship between the specialist and the general

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diagnoses were made and subsequently verified. I also

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It is not certain whether the enlargement of the normal prominences on

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afforded thereby, asked for an injection. When we are about to bring

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fore that a study of the chemistry of such lesions, readily produced

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buildings on Blackwell's and Hart's Islands as are now

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To be had »t Messrs. Lahiri & Co., 36 College Street,

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study of the topography was necessary, one had to hunt

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unconditionally in children, "in whom," he says, " the limb

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the cholesterin to be deposited in concentric layers with radiating crystal-

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elements of the grey substance which produce the phosphorized

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tious diseases, it is usually sufficient to attend to cleanliness, as the

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AMA interim meeting, the topic of discussion was Dr.

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Stepney. Fiiisbury. and Pojjlar, tluoe of which were admittedly not the cleanest

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for the functional disorder. Loud inoriranic murmurs at tlie arterial orifices

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Gimson, Wm. Gimson, M.R.C.S., L.S,A., Witham, Essex

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ing the time mentioned, and nothing but urgent solicitation has induced

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am sure one of the reasons for our success was that several auxilians visited the State Capitol almost

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Mackenzie's recently published work must be consulted.

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it is unnecessary here to go into details. Suffice it to say

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would cease to arrogate to themselves special excellence by call-

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Pulsatilla, and Aconitum, following the same regulations respecting the

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two or three times a day with this solution, taking care

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glass cover-slips and kept in the moist chamber for

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scribed, the site of the dominant rhythm has been in a single center

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Consort, who not only frequently visited it, but, it is un-

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deficient percentage of hemoglobin (oligochromemia), as well as hydremic plethora.

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