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in modern times and his counterparts in all times the

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rially of excellent results from this food and we again heartily

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kieeessity for physicians of the State to keep themselves up to

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Tlie man does not live who to day can be considered facile

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specific poison or germ from a foreign nation. The very tem

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by percussion is now well understood that in the former we

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of Dr. Terrier before the Socifetife de Chirurgie were very en

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the structural degeneration when fairly established yet we may

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summoned from Paris in consultation an honorarium of

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So much for a very brief epitome of some of the most

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skuU. Chest. The lungs were emphysematous and not coUasped but the thoracic

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in the sixteenth had become considerable. Most of the

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observed except soreness and swelling for a few days. The

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inence on the mucous membrane may be cured by a single

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Something over two years ago my friend Dr. Polsom of

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so took a hypodermatic injection of apormorphia gr.

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symptoms that indicate the presence of granulation in th e

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well. Then the world wags its head and whispers cranh.

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In looking over the transactions of medical societies in the

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Grant Medical College. Transactions Medical and Physical Society of Bombay

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takes the place of the period of exacerbation and if such cases do

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creased in size and early maturity the floscription is as applicable to day

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Rate of mortality. On this point satisfactory data are wanting

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normal state and that when cases prove fatal this result is brought

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the former preparation until the solution is clear. The hair

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suitable article. This is to be applied to the lids night and

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The density of the enlarged spleen bears relation to the quantity

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of the right ribs this fact should be borne in mind. Still these

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practically lost. Forty years ago they were the staunch excellent Short

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inated the titles still known in Germany of Ilofratli

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whether full and resisting or supple and soft will indicate the

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and from its being connected with the subjacent mucous tissue through the medium

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wlien practicable to have recourse to change of locality. It is

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