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respects the head of the kind of phenomena alluded to in my

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stand his description of the morbid appearances of dysentery. When I compare it

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was a sense of fulness and uneasiness experienced in the course of

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combine the opium with calomel in the proportion of two grains

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Send for Pamphlet giving comparative analysis by twenty of the best Anal rtical

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indication of cure as respects the kidney is to promote moderately

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blement of the digestive and assimilative functions.

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the purulent accuumlations if any exist next inject tepid water draw

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ynx and its supra glottic portion as well as to the opening of

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Dyspnoea Some degree of shortness and hurry of the respira

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fore repeatedly and with many different remedies. The zinc

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of them. It happens daily to aurists that they are consulted

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made a baron and was a professor in Paris but his char

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trudingdogs with boldness and fi.rhti.rt Vt r uj evcn in

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robust European lately arrived in a warm climate. This form

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being able to understand its causes and to prevent their action.

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size but of darker colour. The mitral valve was thickened and cartilaginous the

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and claimed there was no such thing as corrujjtion of the

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CrOSS Breeding. The breeding together of animals o. different breeds

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The urine of the third class omnivora lies as it were

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film like substance caused by the interrupted nutri

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fitting stocking has been my model in shaping sole leather

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tion must necessarily be only those which circulate in their normal

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art. By compression with bandages friction and iodine applica

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rots turnips apples boiled barley scalded oats and bran mashes. Feed

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The greater prevalence of cholera in the warmer months of the

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physician at the ripe age of. This sad event occurred

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mercurial treatment in fever and even in dysentery particularly in British military

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contained about twelve ounces of serous fluid. The right costal pleura adhered to

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Moreover in Cullen s First Lines of the Practice of Physic

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tirely filled by a very solid coagulum which had apparently

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and at considerable distance from each other skin thin and loose

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ceremony. Bitter struggles and disputes between teachers

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ordinate factors. He was a pupil of Barthez but he I

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