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guardedly and with a clear apprehension of their evils as well as of

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that are due the attacks in barracks and hospitals. Dr. Taylor

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and should the subsidence of the waters coexist with elevated

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to the praecordial region and in five it was common to both

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diarrhoea treated during the same period making an aggregate of

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every drug store and hair dressing establishment. It is com

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recollect the natural tendency of the disease to remit and after a

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he rules we give for determining the ages of moden..alio apply to

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Ammonia carbonate is sometimes given in too large doses or not suffi

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be indeed an aged man. In his many Christian acts as well

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be recovered by cold affusion on the field and to return to duty.

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ansemic and in them the eruption will be found occasionally to

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people being willing to part with sound teeth except for a

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A horse with a jugular vein obliterated cannot graze on account of the

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and measures. The druggist with his delicate scales and expertnes s in

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Nine of these were complicated with jaundice with cerebral

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term of the Medical College of Southern California. The Doc

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kind of folly pereisted in Germany longer than in any

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Dead foetus. Sometimes the foetus dies some considerable time be

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The idea of Guillotine when he advocated the use of his

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led to the conclusion that the germs bred of decomposing

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It will be observed that there are no deaths from intermittent

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the Secretary has been in correspendence with every town

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Probably the experiments of Dr. Williams of New York

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