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degree this advantage may ultimately be found to reach future

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seemed to be most useful were those of children in whom

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and that they are present in some degree before they attain to

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spores of the common aspergillu f whose favorite seat is tbe

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ready detailed a case in which a cretified Gruinea worm was found

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the combination of it with nux vomica and digitalis answers

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given every second hour and soup wine and milk in small quantities frequently.

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in the second stage involving only part of a lung has been

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the neighbourhood of Dharwar were abundantly supplied with

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lymph and on separating these sero purulent effusion oozed from among them. The

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system than any other surgeon who has ever lived. He

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soon become wonderfully pious ultimately he entered the

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amount of chest expansion. For a man of ordinary size this in

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Cox I proceeded to operate. The little patient was thoroughly

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I robably saw races of long distances and long distance races gcnenillv

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surgeons would go from one end of the building to the

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Post mortem examination shows the bowel affected to be almost l la k

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lowino HJiould be prepared to bo used as soon as possible as un

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lar tissue muscles and tendons furnishing but a very small

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ceeding May. Yet practically this makes no difference to the farmer

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Once more our ever onward march brings us to one of those

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are frequently distinctly seen. The mesenteric glands are usually

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covered and was discharged twenty days after residence in hospital.

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III. Partial excision of the pancreas for injury or disease is

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vascularity of the membranes of the brain. These were all in

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tims having an inordinate desire for certain kinds of earth.

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a humoralist without being a theorist. He knew only

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dignified and firm although the early attacks rendered him

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In cases in which from the state of the system general blood

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operate for harelip cleft palate cancer of the tongue and

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even in education nor were they esteemed as equal in

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reasonably attributed to the poisonous influence of the small quan

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are not fully up until it is five years old. See figure.

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in the bodies of healthy subjects or at any rate is a more

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