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    Philadelphia as the highest representative body of the profes

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    the corresponding one in the preceding chapter it will be ob

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    from these diseases was until twenty five years ago simply

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    accordance with usage in India. It is unnecessary to add that

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    inflammation and it becomes injurious. This principle is equally

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    issue with the theories and statements of Galen and

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    with depletion and mercurials and was characterised by tendency

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    characters of the locality the absence of vegetation and moisture.

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    from the inhalation of chloroform for the extraction of a tooth

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    the dorsal portion was healthy but from this to its termination it

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    and weaker until it ceased. There was a perceptible movement

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    have rendered incalculable service to clinical Medicine and

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    the greater part of January and accompanied it down the Indus

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    Ix beginning a course of lectures on the urine intended as an

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    Dr. William B. Bullard of Lincoln Center Maine paid us a

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    measles or diphtheria and its gravity will depend greatly upon

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    poor bleached out children that are being literally washed to

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    sometimes very much mixed with bile covered with a slimy mucous

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    a true breed and breed constant to color and characteristics. These are

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    rheumatic symptoms were not present with the cardiac symptoms

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    mercurial and other purgatives. It must however be borne in

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    castor oil to every patient admitted with dysentery as a matter

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    succulent fruit and the wells about the farm are full to within

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    committees had been excellently done. Especially did he thank

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    independent of the influence of light even if one or both optic

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    which fail to cohere by primary union ligatures are used in

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    the first doses of quinine in the manner already recommended.

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    caustic The more prominent piles were also touched with

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    an assistant. The rectum was now separated from the tissues

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    hoi se and driver were ea er.n ll J f h and elastic.

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    extent the southerly rain current of the winter making the

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    of the pulmonary congestion. In other instances the vascular

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    tion in other textures of the body.. That dysentery is caused

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    ing to avoid the surf but have instead a sponging with the salt

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