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and special applications. It is best managed on simple surgical

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thought required in its application. No basis of carefully ob

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tionably necessary in Bombay and I believe that it is equally appli

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raise the forefeet of the creature from the floor when the fatal

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draught at bed time preceded by a hot foot bath constitute the

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from an animal just killed and emptied of blood it continues for

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furnished the calm judgment of reasonable men must be

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chill high temperature more rapid and forcible pulse and

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fluence of Pinel upon tlie side of jiathological anatomy

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mare handsome and fairly bred generally brings first lass tadi i r

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the most noted health resorts of the United States. Every

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tions are quick bowels constipated visible mucous membranes are very

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appeared and afterwards co existed with them. In one case the

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ards or debauchees and in those who are fat flabby watery

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The rapid and excessive loss of animal heat is one of the great

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into a white crystalline sublimate. By Reinsch s process metallic deposition on copper

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It js good plan when feasible to isolate him from all other horses.

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tenderly in your conservatories is frequently used for hedges

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was M. aim generally successf l to catch it before it reached to

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Symptoms. The parts of the body most generally attacked are

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appear. In other cases however of the primary form in which the

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sis wiUi solution of continuity and that such cases may result

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the earth and water sheds beneath to the rivulets and springs

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unattended by pain that twenty five days before admission this swelling subsequent

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QoAnrEK. Long and full with mutton quite down to the ho k H

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folk riding races on great coursers which were like the Flemish breed

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febrile excitement and recollecting that in the adynamic state of

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of lithotrity for though a litliotvite had been invented by

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Jejeebhoy Hospital on the th June. There was general anasarca. The pulse

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tion has arisen and that then the morbid action has rapidly gone

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he.t if not the very best of domesticated cattle when we consider the

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Inspection seven hours after death. Brain. There was increased vascularity of

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and nitric acids and other offensive organic vapors. Dr.

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of abdomen moderate. He sunk gradually and died July nd.

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The first step is the inoculation of a rabbit with a fragment

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