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Indian nosology has served to retard and obscure our know

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Turkey of inocnlation witli virus from the active disease.

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showed to bo practicable and especially by breeding in line.

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mucous membrane and sub mucous tissue and that the transverse

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prived of the agencies which produce fermentation. Then

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ful despair and who wished to see him immediately. The old

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when present may not be increased and that in cachectic

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Dr. Grordon remarks As far as my experience goes there is as

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Julius Csesar that the Friesians and Batavians paid each other in cows

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verse fold followed by gangrene and sloughing of the mucous

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the cases of pneumonia which form the subject of my present

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to investigate that material disease which comes to this

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Mr. Youatt writing in the early part of the century says They will

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fracture of the clavicle from there passes downward around

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by one who has become familiar with them through practice.

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along its tract. Suppuration however and all the higher grades

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the quarantine establishment. On the th October a coolie ship arrived from

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The Coaley system consists in setting the milk in deep cans which have

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indulge in the pleasures of a shot gun prescription. The medi

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