Duoflam Syrup

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    many other diseases have been classed as tertiary symptoms of

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    highest surgical authorities of the day sustained. At that

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    switched continuously the gait is stiff and. raddling. If the neck of

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    which the surgeon is not called upon to perform in any

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    The instructions given in the chapters on the training of horses will

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    and continues to decline in December and January. North

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    Through the courtesy of the Medical Board of Bombay the

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    In deciding this question we must in a great measure be guided

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    derangement in the system that interferes with the general health and

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    the prairies the teeth wear slowly. Horses kept in the stable have less

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    no horse can overtake them. Four different races seem to bo indicated

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    posed causes of slowniess of pulse there remam the existence

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    to a st te of general debility due to malnutrition in infants


    to perform surgical operations. Their numbers increased I

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    good breeding combined with great lung and heart power whatever the

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    WTiether the morbific cause acts first on the blood or on the

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    and was subsequently on several occasions affected with oedematous swelling of the feet

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    which the surgeon is not called upon to perform in any

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