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are well known to pathologists. But I apprehend that idiopathic

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best of all. It was originated by Friedrich Hoffmann

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were attributed to fist blows received in endeavouring to separate two individuals

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day. The ordinary training to lialter anH.k J run every

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Sicily or Naples also a Salernian graduate acquired an

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the best practicable means of obstructing the transmission of

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to subscribe for the Practioner a few days since and reported

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man should always be heirtoaeeo f J ght extra labor. A stable


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enlisted under Gonsalvo de Cordova to go and fight the

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jeered at those who believed in it. He wrote extensively

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to show. Amongst the unpleasant effects of the administration

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inner mucous membrane of the stomach f. te fibres as the

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then resumed his nomadic life and we find him at Alsace

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ceases after having been present for fourteen days and upwards

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glandular swellings or indolent external ulcerations are present are likely

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country furnishing its beef milk butter and cheese and as secondary

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oxotoxic. She spoke as if all her friends knew how to use it

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who are studying cardiac diseases. I have been accustomed to

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color is entirely arbitrary animals of equal excellence and breeding

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brain as an assemblage of organs and to assign special

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It is stated that somewhere between and Mr. Herman Le

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The following is the only case which has come under my ob

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justify a suspicion that it will ultimately be proved that patholo

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Native army but the rule both in Madras and Bombay has been

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A convenient way to carry this solution in order to have it

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into her general condition and if a local examination reveals


system generally as adverse to restoration by whatever processes

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throwing off eflfete material and placing a barrier between

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general influence but from malaria moisture or continued eleva

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part of the building must be thoroughly cleansed and washed and everj

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be found that the greater number are sufficiently controlled

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has discovered nothing to prevent a fatal termination. As soon as a case

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have come under my observation. There is reason for believing

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probably not very different from those caused by malaria at all


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Hence the absolute importance of broedi r y t th progeny.

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cular turgescence with increased serous effusion in the cranium or

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while one was studying the other sliould take care of the

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that it is not essential that artificial food makers force their

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the left iliac region with perceptible hardness. Throughout his illness there was a

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to test his invention in the hospital on October. I

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urine was and a considerable brown precipitate was thrown down with the

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the abdominal wound as in ovariotomy. Four drainage tubes

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Another argument in favor of inhumation and against

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cess in many cases of alcoholism insomnia etc. Its use has

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Guy s Hospital Lectures in but never performed. Prof.

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disappeared from the nippers and the inner edge is worn down.

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Some degree of asthenia or cachexia is always present in the

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Spurzheim. The Physiological Theory Broussais. Paris Patho

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branes that secrete a serous slippery moisture that prevents friction i.y

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satisfied that the term varicella has not been applied by me

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ing of earth over the inhumed body is a sufficient and thorough

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hectic fevers because sucli manifest exacerbation after

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attention. Gruided by these principles I proceed to the considera

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that without these signs many cases will escape detection and

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symptoms of hepatitis justify the conviction that suppuration has

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the holy churchmen and even invaded the precincts of the

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temperature has more influence in the causation of hepatitis than

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rally and more especially latterly the evacuations were formed and perfectly natural.

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over the whole animal economy we shall discover that all

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be exempt from all excommunications save those which

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From to the swine of the United States increased from

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Isaac A. Walton Kings River Medical Department Tran

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Section VI. Treatment of Early Stages. Blood letting general

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