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    houses and barns but no farmer should have either cold or in

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    injections who greatly advanced anatomy by the forma

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    from the rd October to the th February fever cases of the

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    given in medical literature showing the control which the cin

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    Good shoeing will do a great deal towards preventing contraction.md

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    as a reasonable measure. When however before local conditions

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    Coma. The insensibility of syncope which attends more or less

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    It is very readable from the standpoint of the layman iEind

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    sions cannot fairly be attributed to superior bravery on the

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    paratus particularly those of the heart have an influence

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    enlarged. The complication of inflammations as pneumonia

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    tively small and contain on an average about twenty five beds.

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    studies on the causes of dental caries and upon the bacteria

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    moved from Hoorn and transferred to Enkhuyzen when in l i the

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    ance of the Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria who was

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    requinnl to keep the bowels moderately loose the latter by washiutr tjie

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    delee ttere isnodoubt. We once had a noble Newfound and who cu

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    passage taking care to occasion no unnecessary pain.

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    to the chest. By these means if adopted in good time cases

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    which was healthy and crepitating. Abdomen. On opening the abdomen some fetid

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    Db. John L. Davis read a very able and comprehensive

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    partly labourers partly Sepoys and others were seized and

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    death. This indeed may seem a proposition so self evident as

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    extraction cautiously made. The method followed by native

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    nephritic calouU through the duct or ureters. Children suffer

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    sulphates of soda and potash. The same careful inquirer has


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    and each has its own appropriate means.. To control the ex

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    which extends up between the wall and the lamina It

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    as compared with some others in the region. The report of

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