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freely exhibited. This method moreover tends to restore a natural

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action on proper mares staunch handsome und well bred will tu

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causes of the zymotic continued fevers of colder climates this

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The loins are wide the hip bone low free from raggedness large and

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the ribs extending wcill back toward tin hip. The quarters are broad and

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They may be prepared by the following directions with or without Me

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into her general condition and if a local examination reveals

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Here we have the lower jaw as it appears at wo years old.

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the kidneys were healthy but ex sanguine. Chest. The lungs collapsed were of

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well known Los Angeles midwife. She in an excited manner

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wisdom of one of Josh Billings sayings is realized viz A

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tlie anterior chamber or the globe of the eye. It was

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The Southern California Practitioner is the name of a

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from the Indian Government which Dr. Morehead has so zealously and usefully

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brain disease and if the pupils change about being mostly

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decompose and render the threads morbidly poisonous and

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speckled of the Hamburg with the black ta of the Brahma The gs

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Mid at other Heasons when prime beef hriu lt the bext pricen.

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ventricular aneurism. In two cases the pulse was irregular in

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abandoned before the close of his long and useful career as we

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capillaries and a deranged state of the biliary secretion. The

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Many other British surgeons living and dead deserve

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which I repeat is almost always displaced j if not flexed at

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been exempt from cholera with the exception of an occasional

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purer blood than the female it generally follows that lie txorts n

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